Remarkable success of the “Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response Conference” (“SCM4ECR”), ECR Department, Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Valahia University Targoviste, 18-19 May, 2012

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    This year’s “SCM4ECR” Conference has achieved a remarkable success. The Conference began with a “Welcome speech” by the Deputy Rector Leonardo Badea (who saluted the attendees as key players of a no doubt successful Conference, and assuring them of the adequate preparation, planning, and running) and a Keynote by Professor Virgil Popa (http://www.crd-aida.ro/our-team/virigil-popa/), ECR Department Director (http://ecr-uvt.ro/), and Editor-in-Chief of the “Supply Chain Management” Journal (http://www.scm-journal.com/): “ECR: the Next Generation – New Ideas for the next ten years from ECR Europe 2012. Supply Chain Resilience. Process Reengineering in Conditions of Risk and Disruptions.”
    Plenary session Co-chairs were Gheorghe Gh. Ionescu and Theodor Valentin Purcărea. The Moderators for the other sessions were: Virgil Popa and Victor Raul Lopez, Dorina Tănăsescu and Janusz Grabara, Marta Starostka-Patyk and Virgil Popa. At the end of the Plenary session Rector Calin D. Oros saluted the attendees, a challenging exchange of views taking place after that. It is worth to remember that three years ago, on April 24, 2009, on the occasion of the Third ECR Academic Partnership – Romania, „Redesigning Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response”, 24 – 25 April, 2009, Professor Calin D. Oros marked the first participation in this “SCM4ECR” strategic approach (see Photo below).
    Within the context of the Plenary session, on behalf of Professor Constantin Rosca, President of Romanian Scientific Society of Management (SSMAR), Professor Theodor Valentin Purcărea handed the SSMAR “Certificate of Membership” to Professor Virgil Popa.
    It is also worth to remember that on June 1, 2006, ECR Department of the Valahia University Targoviste (on the occasion of the participation of Professor Virgil Popa at the 2006 Official ECR Europe Conference & Marketplace, Stockholm, see ECR Europe Journal, Volume 2, Number 7, Summer 2006) has received the Academic Alliance Membership accreditation(Certificate being handed to Professor Virgil Popa by the Managing Director Bernard Karly – http://ecr-uvt.ro/Dep_ECR_Acreditare.htm) from the International Commerce Institute of ECR Europe.

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