Professor Ana-Lucia RISTEA, Valahia University of Targoviste, honored by AFER

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On the occasion of the works of the General Assembly of the Association of Faculties of Economics in Romania (AFER), that took place on March 7, 2013, at the Romanian-American University, Professor Ana-Lucia RISTEA, Valahia University of Targoviste, Faculty of Economics, received AFER Lifetime Achievement Award, handed by Professor Ioan TALPOS, President of AFER, who is also First Vice President of the Romanian Scientific Society of Management (SSMAR). Next to Professor Ioan TALPOS, the other distinguished members of the Presidium (from left to the right): Professors Constantin ROSCA, Elena HLACIUC, Ovidiu FOLCUT, Nicolae ISTUDOR and Dumitru MIRON.

Professor Ana-Lucia RISTEA, former Director of the National Institute “Virgil Madgearu”, is also a Founding Member of the Romanian Distribution Committee, together with Dr. Constantin TUDOSE, Dr. Constantin BOSTINA, and other distinguished Professors such as Iacob CATOIU, Dumitru PATRICHE, Aurel VAINER, Valeriu IOAN-FRANC, Theodor Valentin PURCAREA, Virgil POPA, Corneliu RAUTA.

Professor Ana-Lucia RISTEA, has conducted extensive scientific researchand teaching, being truly passionate not only about domestic trade research, but also about literature and art criticism as an indispensable element of culture and to learn from what is justified, beyond the surface noise, confirming not only her personality, but also that creation begins with vision and continues with doing the work in the right way, while proving a strong will, the capacity of effort and an intense spirit of observation, and not the least self-discipline.

It is worth to mention that within the context of the opening of General Assembly of AFER, President Ioan TALPOS gave the floor to Dr. Constantin BOSTINA, General Director of “Economistul” Media Group, and Vice President of the General Association of Economists in Romania (AGER).

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