At the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, professionals subsequent meetings of the First International Congress ,,Health – Nutrition – Wellbeing”

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  • After the First International Congress ,,Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing” („SANABUNA International”) which took place at Aro Palace Hotel, Braşov, 15-17 October, 2011, under the patronage of the Romanian Patriarchate, The Romanian Academy, The Ministry of Public Health, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Ministry of Education, Research, Innovation and Sport in collaboration with the International Association of Distribution (A.I.D.A Brussels) and EHI Retail Institute,professional subsequent meetings were held in Bucharest, including at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, General Directorate of Policies on Animal and Food Industry.

On the occasion of the discussions held with Dr. Eng. Roger Cătălin MANEA, General Director, Dr. Eng. Iuliu Gabriel Maloş – Head of Food Service Industry Department, and Dr. Eng. Alin Sever Marinescu, Councilor, a number of issues on the deployment of Congress and the future actions arising from the conclusions of these works were approached.

From the very beginning it was hailed the impact of the exposition of Romanian traditional products on the International Congress participants, the exhibitors’ professionalism and the quality of Romanian traditional products exhibited being highlighted. Romanian exhibitors confirmed the determination to make the trade show work, and proved that they really understand that branding is about getting the prospects to see you as a solution to prospects’ problem, and that brand knowledge refers to brand awareness and brand image, by exhibiting consistent messages and images , including consistent slogans and taglines.

Moreover, we shall refer gradually at length to all the exhibitors, giving for the moment a first example: MIRDATOR Ibaneşti expositional stand with traditional diary products, a well known excellent source of vitamins and minerals (you can see below images from Braşov, as well as from other significant participation of thistraditional diary producer). We chose this example (to which we shall return on a different occasion) first, to signal a happy double coincidence: exactly in the October issue, 2011, of the prestigious journal “Distribution d‘aujourd’hui”, Brussels, sent to us by Professor Leon Wegnez, Secretary General of A.I.D.A. Brussels and General Director of Royal Belgian Distribution Committee (www.distribution-magazine.eu/eu/News/Entries/2011/9/21_The_honorable_Leon_F._WEGNEZ_ ), “Cheese File” and “Health File” were approached (see image below); Professor Bernd Hallier just sent us the presentation of his new challenging book (see image below) „From crisis to competence” – EHI Retail Institute, European Retail Academy, and Organinvent (the largest German labeling organization in the beef sector; the purpose of Orgainvent business is the “development and coordination of identification, assurance and merchandise management systems between the agricultural industry and the food retail trade”).

Another important point on the agenda was the “New Global Initiative” (17.10.2011: New Global Initiative – www.european-retail-academy.org/index.php) with the view to cooperate in the future on significant topics: a Romanian Competence Center for Global good agricultural practices (The GLOBALG.A.P standard is primarily designed to reassure consumers about how food is produced on the farm by minimizing detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety as well as animal welfare) and “smartagrifood” (Future Internet for Safe and Healthy Food from Farm to Fork; smart farming – individual treatment of animals, plants or m2 of land at the right place and right time through sophisticated sensing & monitoring, decision support and precise application to improve efficiency, productivity, quality, flexibility and chain responsiveness; smart agri-logistics – is about intelligent matching demand and sourcing followed by smart transport and logistics of agri-food products by e.g. auto-identification, conditioned transport using sensors and control systems, remotely controlled early warning systems, etc.; smart food awareness – enabling the consumer with relevant information e.g. concerning safety, availability, health, environmental protection, animal welfare, etc. using chain information systems).

Within this context, the significance of the new book of Professor Bernd Hallier, „From crisis to competence”, was also discussed. Professor Bernd Hallier, PhD, is Managing Director EHI Retail Institute (former EuroHandelsinstitut), President of EuCVoT (European Competence Center for Vocational Training for Retail), President of the European Retail Academy (ERA), Chairman of the Advisory Board of EuroShop (world’s largest capital goods show in the retail sector), Member of the Board of AIDA Brussels, Member of the Astana Economic Scientists Club, Member of the Advisory Board of “Transparent Food”, Chairman of the Board of the Orgainvent, Trustee of EHI Retail Institute at GLOBALG.A.P. Professor Bernd Hallier began many years ago a fruitful collaboration with the prestigious Professor Klaus Toepfer (former Federal German Minister for Environment, former director of the United Nations Environment Program UNEP and initiator of the Kyoto Protocol), and with Dr. Angela Merkel (today Chancellor of the Federal Republic, and who pushed “environment” to become a high political issue during the EU-Presidency of Germany, in 2007).

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and of the Scientific Committe of the the First International Congress ,,Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing”, Professor Theodor Valentin Purcarea (www.crd-aida.ro/our-team/theodor-purcarea/ ) handed Diplomas of “SANABUNA Award” to the three mentioned representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development who contributed to the success of the works of the Congress. The three Diplomas have been signed by the President of the Organizing Committee of the Congress, Professor Florian Popa, Rector of the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacie, Bucharest (www.holisticmarketingmanagement.ro/hmm/News/Entries/2011/10/18_Outstanding_subsequent_meetings_of_the_First_International_Congress_,,Health_Nutrition_Wellbeing.html).

Visiting a first expositional stand of the exhibition of traditional food products, Aro Palace Braşov, on the occasion of

“SANABUNA International“

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