An inspired and inspiring Forum to celebrate “World Water Day” (22 March) and “World Meteorological Day” (23 March)

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Friday, March 22, 2013, took place the works of the Forum celebrating “World Water Day” (22 March) and “World Meteorological Day” (23 March), organized by the “Group of Ecological Initiative and Sustainable Development – GIEDD in collaboration with the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences „Gheorghe Ionescu-Şişeşti” (ASAS), “Romanian Waters” National Administration and the National Meteorological Administration. GIEDD was represented by the distinguished Members of the Executive Board: the former President of Romania, His Excellency Mr. Ion ILIESCU, President of GIEDD, Dr. Eng. Cristiana SÎRBU – Executive President of GIEDD, and HRH Prince Michael of LAUFENBURG.


Professor Gheorghe SIN – President of ASAS, opened the works of the Forum, followed by Dr. Eng. Vasile PINTILE, Director General, National Administration “Romanian Waters”, Dr. Ion SANDU, Director General, National Meteorological Administration, and the distinguished Members of the Executive Board of GIEDD.

Dr. Eng. Cristiana SÎRBU – Executive President of GIEDD gave the floor to other distinguished participants: Mrs. Lucia Ana VARGA, Minister Delegate to Waters, Forests, Fisheries; Mr. Cristian HERA, President of the Commission of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of the Romanian Academy;  Mr. Petre Roman, Member of the Chamber of Deputies; Mr. Alexandru T. BOGDAN, Member of the Romanian Academy; Mr. Petre DAEA, Member of the Chamber of Deputies; Dr. Răzvan TEODORESCU, Dean of the Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering, University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (USAMV), Bucharest; Dr. Eng. Daniela RĂDULESCU, Director of the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management; Mr. E. CHIRU, Deputy Director General, “Apa Nova” Bucharest; Mr. Vladimir ROJANSCHI, Vice Rector of Ecological University Bucharest (and Member of the Board of Romanian Water Association); Mr. Vasile CIOMOS, President of the Romanian Water Association; Dr. Eng. Ioan BICA, Dean, Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest; Mr. Ioan–Niculae ALECU, Vice President of ASAS (and Honorary President of USAMV Bucharest); Students of Dr. Eng. Cristiana SÎRBU displaying a real team work; and the last but not least, Professor Ioan JELEV, Secretary General of ASAS. Let us also salute the participation of distinguished former Ministers Ion TESU, Ion OANCEA, Aurel Constantin ILIE, and of other distinguished Professors of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest.


The lively debate allowed the clarification of questions and concerns. As a confirmation of the solidarity and confidence needed to tackle complex problems – that President Ion ILIESCU made reference to also in the end of the Forum works, while drawing valuable conclusions – allows us to emphasize two other significant contributions in the qualitative manner of carrying out the Forum:


●the special contribution brought by the multiple World and Olympic champion, Mr. Ivan PATZAICHIN, President of “Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” Association, a great friend of the water, a real model of devotion in encouraging young people to love nature, to appreciate water, the most precious natural resource, to love sport and performance (http://www.rowmania.ro/ ); Mr. Ivan PATZAICHIN (born in the  village “Mila 23” in the Tulcea county) aims at achieving and promoting sustainable development projects of local and regional interest, promoting the cultural profile of his native area, and encouraging healthy living, in a sustainable environment, encouraging ecotourism in rowboat;

●the inspirational cultural message of the sculptor Doru Dragusin:  “water passes, the stones remain… polished; …each type of material has its valences and must be respected… I love this very hard work so much that I sometimes wonder why so soon is dark outside…”. Mr. Doru Dragusin (http://www.dorudragusin.com/  ), born in the  village “Nicolae Titulescu” in the Olt county, confirmed both, the words of Nicolae Titulescu (by understanding that each of us has its mission and the success comes from the unity, the feeling of confidence being an essential condition for any productive work, and that the ideal is in itself a becoming reality, because the honest people always proceed in the same direction under the command of the conscience), and the words of Constantin Brancusi (by acting accordingly, proving the understanding that in order to express something essentially we need to see the essence of things and to go from here towards the right direction).

It is also worth to underline the cultural moment represented by the Vernissage Sculpture Doru Dragusin (on “Diplomacy through Art” dedicated to the year “Constantin Brancusi”) on the occasion of the Forum, Mr. Doru Dragusin being the well-known author of the bronze statue of “Nicolae Titulescu” (former Romanian diplomat and statesman, twice President of the Assembly of the League of Nations in 1930 and 1931) unveiled in April 2002 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva (on the occasion of marking the 120th Anniversary of Nicolae Titulescu); within the context of the discussions during the Vernissage,  Mr. Doru Dragusin rediscovered the temporal coincidence with the intervention of Mr. Theodor Purcarea (as President of the Romanian Competition Council: http://www.crd-aida.ro/our-team/theodor-purcarea/ )  in the same month, April 2002, in Geneva at the level of World Trade Organization (this intervention was presented in position 1 of the Final Report of the Working Group for Trade and Competition Policy – document also presented in a “Diplomatic and Protocol Customs” Book introduced by the “Diplomatic Gazette”, Brussels, No. 45/December 2004).

There is no doubt that water is the key to development, becoming an increasingly important strategic issue, not only a public health and environmental issue. There is a real need to consider both, the dynamic links between water, energy, and farming, and to build resilience against climate change, including by improving the ability to project future climate through adequate monitoring and research. Taking into account the importance of appropriate dosage between science and policy in order to align the activities on key priorities, policy responses should include adaptation to climate change and adequately addressing issues such as water-related disasters, health and the role of ecosystems.



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