The honorable Leon F. WEGNEZ offers us a new challenging book: “Consumer and Consumerism”…

webmaster| 21 Sep 2011| 0 comments | News

The honorable Leon F. WEGNEZ offers us an honest version of the conversation of the business with its most important partner – the consumer. Another book which represents a real capital, a loyal friend of ethical business. A book about consumers and consumerism, about the consumer-partner, thirsty for ethics, with pressing claims, which urges the business to improve, innovate and re-innovate and to offer the consumer the best possible experience.

Leon F. Wegnez is a well known personality with a vision and commitment, knowing what to do with the time and having the power to give his life a meaning, with a real vocation for spreading knowledge about the distributive trade, pledging for the right decisions, the right choices and the progress of business life, through a better understanding of consumer value and consumer journey leading to successful marketing.

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