The Quarterly of University of Finance and Management in Warsaw – Contemporary Economics, Publisher: Vizja Press &IT. Our Editorial Board member, Marcin Waldemar Staniewski, sent us No.1(13) & No.2(14)/2010 of Contemporary Economics, within the context of the exchange with the scientific work paper of the Romanian Distribution Committee.

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This year’s issue of Contemporary Economics approaches interesting topics such as projects in contemporary management, innovation and technology for SME development, fundamentals of value based management in the practice of Quality Management. There is also a very interesting international perspective found, such as „Banking Sectors in the New European Union Member States”, „Business Environments vs. Corporate Survival in Estonia and Poland in 2001-2009” , „Aspects of Private Labels Development in the Segment of Organic Food in the Czech Republic”, „Strengthening Innovation and Technology Policies for SME Development in Albania”. The second issue approaches topics such as „The global economic crises and the global accumulation of capital”, „Problems of economic development in reunified Germany”, „Employees participation in the management of European, American and Japanese companies”, „New phenomenon of commercial corruption” or „Internal audit outsourcing”.



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