Maria Negreponti-Delivanis is joining the „Romanian Distribution Committee Magazine” Editorial Board

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We are happy to announce that our Editorial Board increases its quality force in promoting knowledge for wisdom and the adequate distribution of this kind of knowledge, the distinguished Madam Maria Negreponti-Delivanis honouring us in agreeing to join our team. It is encouraging to approach the current challenges by enhancing the quality force of our team and offering readers some of the fruits of a significant consistent approach.

Honoured with the award of first prizes, cum laude and critic, Maria Negreponti-Delivanis participated as Speaker, Organizer and President in numerous Congresses all over the world, her works being published by prestigious publishing houses. Maria Negreponti-Delivanis was awarded various scholarships by the French Government, NATO and the European University Institute of Florence, a formal invitation to the USA on the part of the State Department. Maria Negreponti-Delivanis was elected a Jean Monnet Fellow.



Maria Negreponti-Delivanis graduated (with honors) from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and the University of Sorbonne in Paris  where she studied on a scholarship of the French Government and was awarded the Doctorat d’ Etat en Sciences Economiques with honors and distinction, her doctorate being published (all expenses covered by the French CNRS) in the SEDES series. Student of specific fields at the London School of Economics and the University of Berkeley (U.S.A) and the European University Institute of Florence.
Professor of Economics and the first woman Rector in Greece, reelected three times in the Macedonian University of Thessaloniki (Greece). Consultant at OECD, Vice – President of the Administrative Council of the International Association of French Language Economists, Director of CEDIMES-Greece and President of the Dimitri and Maria Delivanis Foundation. Consultant at the Ministry of Coordination, YPABE and OECD in Paris, member of the International Scientific Board for Vocational Orientation of the University of Marseilles.

We welcome our distinguished new colleague, Maria Negreponti-Delivanis!

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