Are you ready for a challenging case study? Anne Hampton & James Rowell, Hot Melts: A New Global Strategy (Cranfield: ECCH, ref.310-111-1, 2010).

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Anne Hampton & James Rowell, Hot Melts: A New Global Strategy (Cranfield: ECCH, ref.310-111-1, 2010).

Anne Hampton and James Rowell are pleased to announce the publication by ECCH of their case study Hot Melts: A New Global Strategy – Developing the Way Forward at Beardow Adams with supporting teaching notes.

The case study was researched with a leading UK SME, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial adhesive products, Beardow Adams, based in Milton Keynes. From there its products are supplied to over fifty independent distributor companies around the world; its international business accounts for over two-thirds of revenues. Despite its (small) size it is seen as a strong player by major competitors, and has received a number of awards including the Queen’s Award for Export, Enterprise and Innovation.

The case focuses on the issues Beardow Adams, an SME company,  developing plans for further international business expansion. It explores its strategy to harness the capabilities of its distributor network to win business with large multi-national customers. It sets out to explore the issues relating to the capabilities of the company to support its on-going international development. The objectives of the case are to explore and discuss international/supply channel issues within the organization. Further insight is required to understand the market place (types and location of prospective multi-national customers) and the need for establishing clear activities and processes to win business with those companies. The case also considers the development of capabilities, within Beardow Adams and its Distributors, to support its aims of winning new business.


Anne Hampton and James Rowell from the Business School, University of Buckingham, UK, have been developing an international business research path since 2005. Their original focus was with larger MNEs (Dixons Retail, Twinnings (Hot Beverages), publishing their case Managing across borders at Dixons (Cranfield: ECCH, reference 306-618-1, 2006). Recognising a gap in the literature their focus has steered towards understanding the issues of SME organisations conducting international business. Following an in-depth invetigation with numerous SMEs in the UK they presented their paper at the AUMEC 2009, Turkey, later published as: “International market growth: the SME dilemma”, AUMEC 2009 Marketing and Entrepreneurship, 584-592. Later the same year:they presented their second paper: ’Challenges Facing UK SMEs in International Development’, now published in the Studia Universitatis Babes – Bolyai, Negotia, Vol 54 (2009) No. 4: 5-19. This paper focuses on the resource implications and timescales needed to develop market opportunities, and build strong international relationships with overseas organisations, as partners, agents and customers.

They are continuing their research in this area of business, with a forthcoming paper based on Beardow Adams’ situation, and a further case study on developing international market channels.

Anne Hampton Senior Lecturer in International Business and Marketing

James Rowell Lecturer Operations & Supply Chain Management

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Anne Hampton and James Rowell



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