A distinguished representative of Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia visited the „First Romanian School”, and the Primary School No. 11 “St. O. Iosif”, in Brasov

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Professor John L. Stanton (present for the first time in Romania, as special invitee of the Romanian-American University), a well-known food marketing practitioner, founding editor of the „Journal of Food Products Marketing”, USA, and an editorial advisor of the British Food Journal), Chair, Department of Food Marketing (the first endowed chair in food marketing in the USA), Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, had the pleasure of visiting the „First Romanian School” Museum, Brasov, thanks to Dr. Nicolae Albu and Professor Priest Vasile Oltean.  It was an impressive encounter with this first School built in 1495, with the specific values of the Romanian spirituality (preserved in the old district called „Scheii Brasovului” remembering of the getae-dacians village that existed two thousands years ago), with this true center of spiritual resistance („St. Nicholas” Church, reffered first time in 1292, and „First Romanian School”), with around 4,000 old books, 30,000 historic documents and many others exhibits witnessing the true history.


As School remains the place where each generation will pass on its values, Professor John L. Stanton has further enriched his horizon of Romanian spirituality, making a visit to the Primary School No. 11 “St. O. Iosif” din Brasov, recognized as “European School”. Dr.Tudorita Albu, Director of this School, advocates for virtues-led management, virtues as applied in the school, hence the positive culture that allowed the submission of a substantial effort in terms of training and development programs, both by promoting the universal values (love, integrity, justice, support and respect relationships from top management to bottom and from bottom to top), and national ones (the passion for the recovery of these values and promoting the authentic being obvious).

But as „a picture is worth a thousand words”, we are convinced that the images below are also speaking for themselves:


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