„Shaping the future together with EHI Retail Institute!“ Our distinguished Editorial Board Member Professor Bernd Hallier, Managing Director of EHI Retail Institute based in Köln (Cologne), Germany and the “designer” of the European Retail Academy (ERA), sent us some challenging EHI Retail Institute publications.

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As a well-known scientific institute of the retail industry (http://www.ehi.org/nc/en.html), EHI Retail Institute(former EuroHandelsinstitut ), having  550 members  (including international retail companies and their industry associations, manufacturers of consumer and capital goods, and various service providers), EHI Retail Institute (Partner to Messe Düsseldorf in staging the world’s biggest capital goods trade fair for the retail business, EuroShop) researches topics relevant to the future of retailing, organise conferences and working groups. Our friend Bernd Hallier sent us some challenging EHI Retail Institute publications:„Marketing Monitor Retail 2009 – 2012“ (assessing the consequences of the financial and economic crisis; detecting marketing trends and facing the challenges in the coming years; particularly important demands on the media and how will retail fashion its future media mix); „rt-retail technology“ (magazine for information technology and logistics in retailing, informing about: the latest IT trends in retailing; user reports from current IT projects in Europe; investment trends in IT, security technology and logistics; new, target-group-relevant products and IT solutions; first publication of EHI studies), official journal (reporting regularly on new things going on in connection with Europe’s biggest IT show for retailers) of the annual trade show EuroCIS ;  „stores+shops“, all 2010 publication collection (magazine for store design, fixturing and POP marketing, informing regularly about: international trends and developments in furnishing and fixturing, design and marketing; new store concepts, openings and reopenings; investment trends in new construction and store enlargement; important industry events), being first publication of EHI research projects; „PR in Retail 2010“ (taking into account that the revolution in communication calls for changed strategies and investigating among other things just how well retail is prepared for the changes, also considering the fact that Sustainability is and remains an outstanding topic and examining consequently the importance it has for retail communication, the measures that are taken, and the contents which are communicated); „Energy Monitor 2010“ (efficient energy management continues to be a top priority in retail, particularly because energy efficiency, in the sense of responsible behaviour towards the environment and society, can contribute significantly to the competitiveness of individual businesses; the survey is complemented by a comprehensive overview of the energy costs and consumption in the different branches of the retail industry, the energy management measurements taken, the key figures and priorities concerning investments, as well as the procurement of energy); „POS Systems 2010“ (the checkout systems have to meet today’s high expectations, and have to be adaptable to future demands, being imperative to consider their high significance and strategic importance).



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