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administrator| 24 Apr 2016| 0 comments

The European Retail Academy (ERA) website has just informed us about SPAR’s international performance: SPAR was founded in 1932 in the Netherlands as a voluntary chain; in 1959 SPAR International was founded as a roof for coordination; today SPAR (which is operated in 40 countries with 12,200 stores comprising of four formats) can be found even in Russia, China or Africa (SPAR South Africa even took over 60 percent of SPAR Switzerland).

SPAR International

SPAR International is recognized for focusing on quality and service, its goal being to grow its brand and presence by enhancing the productivity and profitability of its Partners that can access SPAR Private Label products from a variety of sources (through the consolidation warehouse in The Netherlands, the Buying Department provides additional services to meet specific country needs; through buying the products in collaboration, SPAR International can maximize the buying power of SPAR Partners.), while being assisted in choosing and implementing the latest IT systems for business and Supply Chain Management.